better ventures calls for a female quota

  • Tina Dreimann

  • 10.12.2020

2 min read

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A small step for diversity.

better ventures, an early-stage investor for sustainable startups, calls for a female quota in entrepreneurial teams and sets new standards. At least 30 percent of startups that get supported by better ventures need to have a gender-diverse founding team: at least one founder or co-founder of the founding team has to be female. By establishing this benchmark, we recognize the underrepresentation of women in the startup scene and contribute to a more equal and diverse ecosystem.

A big step for female founders.

Until now, only approximately 16 percent of founders in Germany are women. The statistic looks even more dramatic when taking into account the percentage of female founders who were able to win a business angel as an investor: According to the “female founders monitor 2020” only 7.7 % of female founders succeeded in winning a business angel as an investor. The monitor’s results prove: women who dare to start their own company in Germany seem to struggle with access to venture capital. Christoph Behn, CEO of better ventures, states: “German ministers called for a gender quota in boardrooms, but female founders still face disadvantages in funding rounds compared to their male counterparts. We finally need to stop this inequality and want to do so by introducing our female quota for investments at better ventures.”

We will contribute.

We are convinced that founders are the driving force to build a better world. “They drive innovation and dare to tackle the most pressing challenges of our time. But entrepreneurship is not a male-only domain”, says Christoph Behn. “The personal background of a founder should not stop him or her from getting (financial) support! Our goal is to raise better ventures’ 30-percent-quota to a 40-percent-quota by 2030. By doing so, we want to contribute to a juster world.”

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