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Hi there!

Are you early-stage founders looking for funding and aiming to fix the world?

Much more than just money

Our mission is to make you succeed.

Founders are the driving force to build a better world. They lead with innovation and dare to tackle the most pressing challenges we face today.

Does this sound like you and your team? Then keep reading.

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To win, you need the best team

Successful entrepreneurs with complementary skills and backgrounds.

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We are founded, run and backed by entrepreneurs who know what it takes to build fast growing and profitable companies.

We get involved and back you with our experience and network so you can do the right things faster and better.

We typically invest in pre-seed and seed stage with a ticket size of €100k to €500k - all remotely.

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It's about impact

"With our fast growing and sustainable start-up, it was very important to us to have experienced founders with the right values on board."

David Löwe - Everdrop

One big team

Our family is about to grow. Be part of it.

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Let's talk business

Join us and our network of experienced entrepreneurs

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