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Open positions:

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What's the best way to apply?

The easiest way to apply is via For questions, please reach out to - your contacts are Valentin & Philipp.

Are all job offers still available?

Yes. As long as they are online, our vacancies are still open. Sometimes we are looking for more than one person for one position, therefore some jobs are online for quite some time.

What does the recruiting process look like?

It is our goal to get to know you and your qualifications, as well as giving you an impression of our company, our team and the work we do here. The first step normally involves an invitation for a get to know phone or video call. The next step are one or two more personal meetings, depending on the position. Here you will get to know the team, work on cases and discuss them with several members of the team. In the last step we will invite you for a culture fit interview to see if our values match and if you’d like to become part of our team.

When should I expect an response and how long does the overall process take?

The process length varies depending on the position and availabilities on both sides. The current duration from application to signed contract is 1,5 months. There are several talks for each position and it is our claim to give you feedback as soon as possible. If you need feedback really fast, please communicate this with us from the beginning, we can consider this during our planning.

What is the best way to prepare for my interview?

Come as you like and feel comfortable with. Furthermore, you should know who we are. You can inform yourself on this career page for example. It may happen that we ask you in further talks to think about and work on different questions. If so, you will receive information from us in time. Otherwise: Be yourself. Don’t hide behind diplomatic chatter, show us your rough edges.

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