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What teams do we invest in?

.io = impact only.

We invest money, time, and our brains in early-stage founders who aim to change our world for the better. If you have an idea or a newly started business, we should definitely talk!


Throughout the centuries our standards of living and working have improved continuously. Now is the time to further advance our working conditions and foster equality. Our society

needs to provide equal opportunities for every person and ensure health and standards of living for an ageing society.


The latest IPCC report has shown us in all clarity that the time to act to preserve the very livelihood of human species is now. We need to significantly increase our efforts to prevent climate tipping points and extinction of species and ecosystems. We believe that entrepreneurship and technology are essential to tackle this problem at scale.

European reach

For the time being, we prefer companies founded in the DACH region. However, we are already expanding our footprint across Europe.

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Although life expectancy has more than doubled within the last century, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has shown us our vulnerability in a globally connected world. Also, issues like mental health, obesity, malnutrition and diseases associated with aging cause too much suffering in this world.



More and more time of our life, but also our professional career is spent in digital ways. We need to ensure that everyone has access to a thourough understanding of the drivers of technology and enable people from all backgrounds to participate in the biggest revolution of humankind.


New Work

The way we work is changing and jobs are constantly reinvented: Robotics, digitization & AI create new kinds of organizational structure, posing the challenge to ensure inclusion of all levels of talent. We must reconsider how jobs are designed and adapt and continuously provide learning for future growth.

New Work
Gefrorene Landschaft


Global climate change is observable: Glaciers disappear, wildfires blaze, and extreme weather conditions become more frequent. We need to radically reduce our carbon emissions, to stop global warming and the human-made climate change. For that, we need to rethink how our economy works and provide technology for future growth.

Image by Ales Krivec


With the industrial revolution our societies began to harness resouces in completely different ways compared prior millenia– however, with a growing global population we need to realize, that our resources are not endless. To ensure, that all people and future generations have access, we need to find sustainable ways to use the existing resources.

Bäume von oben


Our ecosystems on land and sea play a vital role for the wellbeing of our societies and provide the basis for our livelihood. With forests dying or being cleared for agricultural usage, we need to ensure conservation, preservation and a sustainable and responsible handling.


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