Questions we get asked frequently

What do you invest in?

io. = impact only. That’s why we look for purpose-driven founders who are on a mission to solve important problems our society faces today and who share our core values within our better Angels Club. We love both B2B and B2C businesses and anything that is impact-related - be it people or planet. To see our six core investment areas, check out our focus page. If you do not perfectly fit into these areas but solve a very essential and impactful problem, don’t hesitate to apply as well.

What don't you invest in?

Most importantly, if we don’t believe we can help, we won’t invest in you. We also do not invest in exit-first founder mentalities who want to become famous through VC-rounds or founders who only look for financial backing. Aside from that, we tend to shy away from capital intensive business models, brick and mortar businesses, ad-revenue based business models, or companies without a considerable real net output ratio.

What stage do you invest in?

We invest in pre-seed and seed rounds only; however, selectively we invest in later stages of our existing portfolio companies as well.

In which regions do you invest?

For the time being, we prefer companies founded in the DACH region. However, we plan to expand our footprint across Europe.

Do you lead investments?

Yes. We are very comfortable being your founding investor. We will support you in finding smart money with the right values within our Angel Club filled with like-minded entrepreneurs.

What are your terms?

On top of our active involvement wherever we can help, we typically invest EUR 100k - 500k depending on Angel interest. We base our valuation on traction and your type of business model. To get to work as soon as possible, we prefer to invest via a standard convertible loan agreement. Plus, our investments are done 100% remotely. You can find our standard term sheet here.

How long does your process take?

We can get all of the steps done in about 4 weeks. If there is strict time pressure, let’s talk anyway and see if we can accelerate the process.

Should our product be ready before you talk with us?

We definitely love founders who have built a minimum viable product (MVP). However, it is not a restrictive requirement for you to apply.

Do I have to commit myself fulltime?


What is the "Predictive Index"?

As early-stage investors we first and foremost invest in you as founders. That is why we really want to get to know you. The "Predictive Index" is a short online test, which gives insights into your personality and team dynamics. Also, the test will help you as a team to get to know your strengths even better.

Why better ventures?

We believe founders are the driving force to build a better world. We are here to support you.

Why an Angel Club?

Angel investing is time consuming and fragmented as founders have to talk with all interested angels separately. By pooling the investment process we save time for all parties involved and make better investment decisions. Further, a club model provides our angels the flexibility to decide case-on-case and invest when they bring a non-financial value add to your startup.

How do you invest?

We check within our angel club to find suitable investors that ideally have expertise in your startup’s field and can not only provide funding, but also valuable support for you as founders to scale your business as quickly as possible. We won’t charge the founders for this service. Our angels usually invest directly in your startup, meaning no bundling on the captable yet.

How do you make decisions?

For our typical investment process, we ... … like to hear all about you on this typeform … set up an initial call to get to know you and your business … have you fill out our Predictive Index personality profiling (explanation below) … talk to experts in the relevant field and to some of your customers … conduct intensive research in our own due diligence … reach out to potential co-investors within our Angel Club … have an investment call to dive deeper into questions … make a decision

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